Technology Consulting

Make Sure Your Technology Strategy is Providing a ROI for Your Company

How Is Your Technology Performing?

Is it increasing revenues, reducing costs, improve customer satisfaction, and establishing and maintaining competitive advantage? Is your spending on technology returning the results you are looking for? Could you be getting better results? What are the risks to your organization if you have a major system failure of data breach? Organizations struggle to answer the first two questions, answer “yes” to the third, and just pray that they never have to find out about the fourth. When it comes to effectively managing technology, most organizations struggle to realize the benefits of technology and manage the risks:

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  • Technology projects are over budget, late and fail to deliver the expected business results
  • Most businesses do not measure the true benefits against the expected benefits
  • Business and technology managers speak different languages and different agendas (debits and credits vs bits and bytes)
  • Constant threats of data loss/breaches
  • Competitors adopting disruptive technology

Shift Strategy

From Cost Driver to Strategic Enterprise Asset

Recognize Return on Investment

Develop Framework

For Selecting and Using the Right Technology

Manage the Business Technology Department

As an Integral Business Unit

Guide the Allocation of Enterprise Technology Resources

Business Technology Strategy

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp’s Business Technology services take a strategic approach to how business adopted, implement and use technology to drive business results.  It all starts with developing and implementing a Business Technology Strategy.  A Business Technology Strategy is a comprehensive plan documenting what the organization needs to do so that technology will achieve desired business results. It defines the goals, objectives, scope and approach.

Strategy Process


Life Cycle Improvement


Technology Outsourcing Management


Quality Improvement


Strengthen Governance


Vendor Management Improvement

Information Technology

  • Outsourcing Services

    • CIO Outsourcing
    • CIO Strategy Creation & Implementation
    • CTO Outsourcing
    • CTO Strategy Creation & Implementation

CRM Services

  • Customer Relationship Management

    • Zoho CRM Solutions
    • Zoho Custom Applications
    • CRM Migration Services
    • Zoho Creator & CRM Implementation, Design & Maintenance
    • Migration & Training for Select CRM Systems