Strategic Insights Radio -Jennifer Rusz and Adam Berube

Strategic Insights Radio -Jennifer Rusz and Adam Berube

Adam Berube/Sterling Rose Payment Services

Adam Berube is a serial entrepreneur who came from a family of entrepreneurs. He started his career and his first company at the age of 16 in the landscaping industry and in a short period of time, grew his business to over a million dollars. Since then he has helped start numerous companies, and now in 2019, he is starting his newest venture in a partnership with Sterling Rose Consulting Corp called Sterling Rose Payment Services, LLC.

Fragment of Audio Transcript

Jennifer: Today I want to do something different and I want to introduce Adam Berube who actually works with my organization now but originally he came into the entrepreneurial space by actually being born into it. Literally he came from a family of entrepreneurs. And instead of going and pursuing the same thing that a lot of us do, is going the route of heavily going into the schooling , he went straight into starting businesses and creating them and helping other people grow businesses as well. So welcome to the show Adam.

Adam: Thank you.

Jennifer: So let’s talk a little bit about perspective from taking the fact that there is a large age gap, you are much younger, and have a different perspective on the whole idea of how things grow and what’s important, and what you’ve learned over those years of doing it as you started pretty young in building businesses.

Adam: Yeah, I started pretty young. I was probably 15 or 16 years old. First company I’ve ever started was actually a mowing lawns. Now this company is a 3 million dollar a year company.