Business Planning

The Success of a Business Starts with the Right Plan

Does Your Business have a Plan?

What is your cash flow strategy? Do you need a loan? Are you getting a new commercial space? Are you in need of investment?  As a Company, you will find that planning is one of the most important parts of running a business, no matter whether it is a large multi-national corporation trying to plan an expansion or a small business launching an exciting new product or entering into a new commercial space.  It is easy to start a project, but without careful planning it is like setting off on a journey to an unknown destination without a roadmap.  As a business owner it is very tempting to neglect planning altogether, especially if you are the only person in the Company.  After all, planning can be a time-consuming process, and for business owners is likely to be time when you are not earning any money.  But the benefits of good planning will far outweigh any temporary loss of earnings.

How Can A Plan Help You Grow?

A business plan can provide a reference point for you to return to at any time during the project. Just looking at a plan and seeing how far you have come is a great motivational tool.  It can help you determine whether you have drifted too far away from your original vision and allow you to get back on track once again.  A business plan will also help you analyze your industry and the role of your business within it.  It will help you see correlations between different parts of your business e.g. how decreasing the cost of a particular process will affect your overall profit margin. The value of a business plan cannot be underestimated.

We Provide Different Types of Business Plans

Small Business or Start-Up

This plan allows the planning process to help small or start-up business owners understand their businesses. The small or start-up business plan helps to define what they want from the business, understand what their customers want, and decide how to optimize their business on their own terms. There are different stages.

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This first stage of a plan is what Sterling Rose Consulting Corp calls the pitch, focuses only on a few starter elements. The mission statement, problem the Company is solving for its customers, the solution, industry analysis, market analysis, target marketing which gives a critical head start toward understanding the business. However, not all startups are that simple. Many of them need product development, packaging, retail fittings and signage, office equipment, websites, and sometimes months or even years of payroll before the sales start.

Additional Small or Start-Up Business Plan Products include:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Proof of Concept
  • Market Research Reports
  • Financial Model
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business Consulting

Loan Ready or SBA Ready

When a small business owner heads off to ask the bank for a small business loan (Loan Ready or SBA Ready), one of the first documents the loan officer typically asks for is the business plan. This means that if the company has not written a business plan, their attempts to get funding will be immediately derailed.

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A viable business plan illustrates to the loan officer that the Company has organized its thoughts and gone through the process of thinking the business out. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp helps to gather information and assemble it in a logical manner. A loan ready also known as an SBA ready Business Plan is a business plan prepared to answer the unique concerns of that bank. It concisely details the business, company management, mission and vision statement, customer profile, keys for success, 3 competitors, industry analysis, market strategy, marketing strategy, product summary, sales strategy, management summary, personnel and financial expectations.

Additional Loan Ready Business Plan Products include:

  • 5 Year Financial Model
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Consulting Hours
  • Working Directly with Loan Officers

Investment Ready

An investor ready business plan is a plan tailored to parties interested in investing money into the organization. This includes Bridge, Mezzanine, Factoring, Angel, Series A, Series B, among other forms of funding. This plan will tell venture capitalists and angel investors what they need to know to decide whether or not to invest.

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To make the plan investor-ready, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp looks at the Company’s plan through the eyes of the investors and address their concerns. The investor ready business plan includes an executive summary, company overview, mission and vision statement, company objectives, keys for success, 5 competitors, SWOT analysis, industry analysis, marketing analysis, marketing strategy, product summary, channel analysis, proof of concept, competitive analysis, management summary, personnel summary, investment summary and exit strategy.

Additional Investment Ready Business Plan Products include:

  • Executive Summary
  • 5 Year Financial Model
  • 5,10, and 15 Year NPV and IRR
  • Investment Pitch Deck

Enterprise or Growth

It is critical for every business owner to plan annually for consistent, healthy growth. There are several reasons why a business owner does not plan for growth but the fact remains, company’s must do it to grow the business! The question is “How?” The company wants an outline to follow as to create the company business plan for the coming year.

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Before jumping in the business needs to do some preparation. To summarize what is already written about in the past, reviews the financials, analyzes the strengths & weaknesses, and then brainstorms on what the Company might want to accomplish in the coming year. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp’s growth business plan includes an executive summary, company overview, mission and vision statement, company objectives, keys to success, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, industry analysis, marketing strategy, competitive edge, target market segmentation analysis, product analysis, channel analysis, buying patterns, proof of concept, sales strategy and forecast, management and personnel analysis, barriers to entry, barriers to growth, investment risk analysis, growth strategy and exit strategy.

Additional Services for Enterprise Clients include:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan or Budget
  • Operational Improvement Plan
  • Strategic Technology Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Internal Growth Plan Powerpoint
  • Business Consulting Services

Immigration Visas

As United States immigration lawyers will tell you, one of the most important documents needed when applying for a business or employment related visa is a comprehensive business plan. Currently, business plans are required for the following types of visas: E-2 Investor visa, EB-5 visa, L-1 visa, B-1 visa, and E-1 visa. Contact us for more information.

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Sterling Rose Consulting Corp provides Immigration visa plans including:

  • L-1 Visa Business Plans: Business Plans for Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager. These custom L-1 business plans are designed for qualified candidates who work for a multinational corporation and wish to transfer to a U.S. corporate branch. The initial stay is for 1 year and covers his or her spouse and children. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp meets the full guidelines for the L-1 visa business plan. In addition, we recommend that you work with an immigration lawyer to complete the full L-1 application.
  • E-2 Visa Business Plans: Business Plans for Treaty National Investors. These business plans are for non-immigrant nationals from a treaty country who wish to work in the U.S. for 2 years (renewable for up to 5 years). Most investments must exceed $100,000 and fully support a business. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp will meet the full requirements for the E-2 visa business plans. We recommend that the client works with an immigration lawyer to complete the full E-2 application.
  • EB-5 Visa business Plans: Business Plans for immigrant investors. Foreign nationals who are willing to invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 in a new commercial enterprise may be eligible to obtain a conditional U.S. Green Card. Our custom EB-5 business plans will develop a business case demonstrating that the immigrant investor will stimulate job creation within the local economy. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp meets the full requirements for the EB-5 visa plan. Unless the business is a direct investment which creates 10+ jobs, it will need a signed statement from an economist. This service is not included in the price, but we can help the Company obtain a signed statement for an additional fee. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp highly recommend that the Company works with an immigration lawyer to complete the application.